Maui Open Studios…is it worth doing?

I believe this was my fourth year participating in Maui Open Studios and every year I question whether I want to do it again…and every year it has been worth doing for so many reasons. It is a week of cleaning, prepping, hanging work, finishing work, making signage, running into town a million times for things I can’t remember, etc etc. BUT just when I think I want to throw in the towel on the entire thing it happens. Amazing, inspiring, supportive people saunter into my studio and fill my heart with a feeling of purpose that makes all the hard work worthwhile. Yes I am exhausted today after the long weekend. For those energetically sensitive types like myself it is a challenge to talk to people for two days straight and have many strangers wondering around my private space where I live, work, meditate, dance and sleep. Once I get over myself however I find I actually really enjoy sharing my artwork with the public in this way. Yes I run around the house after everyone has gone for the day, burning sage and candles and cleaning to remove the lingering energy of “other” so that I can dive back in to the spirit realm that my work seems to filter through to reach me. The fairies seem to help me get everything back in order. Two of those fairies are my parents who help me with the event every year.

I have met most of my neighbors as a result of Maui Open Studios and a few of them now own some of my art! It is a lucrative event and now that I have been doing it year after year I have some regular clients that I look forward to connecting with once a year. This is one of those events that I reflect on throughout the year when I hit those low moments of wondering what I’m doing with my life and if I am utterly crazy to give it a go as a full time artist. The majority of the people who come to my Maui Open Studios are so supportive all I have to do is think of the things that they share with me about how they feel about the art and my faith is restored. A though for the other artists thinking of participating in the future or the ones gearing up this week for the second event…stay positive! Even if your numbers are not huge at the end of the event I get follow up sales all year from this event as well and wonderful contacts and this year even a really great business opportunity. Stay open and enjoy the ride.