A Prayer For Our Brothers

Spirit of Hawaii

Oil, Acrylic and Silver Leaf on Panel | 30″ x 30″ | 2013

The Original Painting is Sold

Limited Edition Embellished Prints are available


“Breath is sacred in part because it carries the words of the pule (prayer).” (Pukui, Haertig & Lee)

“A Prayer For Our Brothers” is about respect between all men, between brothers, sons and fathers, feeling the love of family, honoring the ancestors that stand behind us in time, remembering those that we have lost together and a shared prayer for the future of our families. In this painting a father and son embrace with strength and grace and a deep knowing is shared between them in this moment that they will support and love each other always. The silver leaf is meant to symbolize the Mana that flows from them, between them and around them as they share the sacred breath of life.


Mahalo to Ke’eaumoku Kapu and his son Kaulana Kapu for posing for this painting. Thank you for helping me bring this painting to life and trusting a total stranger with such a sacred expression.