Breath of Light

Spirit of Hawaii / Visionary

“Breath of Light”

36” x 48” Acrylic and Oil on Canvas. By Christina DeHoff


Original Painting is SOLD.

25 Limited Edition Embellished Giclee Prints are available. Please inquire.


This painting is a meditation of prismatic color and light. She feels like she is dancing in different dimensions
Breath of Light is what I feel when I meditate and when I dance. Life force energy flows in and out of my body in an exchange of being alive and feeling the connection to all that is. There is a moment in meditation when it feels like the top of my head opens and the swirl of thoughts that live in my spinning monkey mind are set free and handed over to the heavens. I am then filled with a peaceful, expanded, heart soothing sensation that says,“Welcome home. You are held in love.”
My hope is that “Breath of Light” reminds you of this center within your soul.