Calling on the Elements

Acrylic, Oil, Silver Leaf on Panel | 30″ x 40″| Diptych | 2016


25 Limited Edition Embellished Giclee are available for purchase.

Original is available for purchase. Reproductions are also available. Please inquire.

“Calling on the Elements” – Explores balancing the multiple layers that exist in each of us as women. From our fire filled moments of strength and passion embodied here in Pele to the watery, nurturing, emotional spirit of the snow Goddess Poli’ahu.

The legends of Pele have taught me that we do have the ability to create the ground on which we stand and we possess a fierce strength that can forge any path we choose. Those choices can be both destructive and constructive…we are responsible for the direction.

In this painting Pele and Poli’ahu are honoring the heavens, the cycles of the moon, the Mana and the connection between all things.

They are in balance. They honor the elements and birth the land, they dance with the ancestral presence of Amakua surrounding them. Hawaii is a land that teaches respect and doing the right thing.