Original is Sold

Oil and Metal Leaf on Panel | 30″ x 30″ | 2014

The intention of this painting is to explore the sense of stillness we can reach through meditation and prayer. My goal was to paint the emotion in a heart expanding out breath.


In the last year I began working in my studio with visions that come directly from the writings of different inspiring authors, thinkers and teachers. After a year of being challenged to my core personally and professionally I found one book in particular that stayed with me day after day and brought me great peace in my creative/spiritual process. This painting is based on the following quote from Marianne Williamson’s book, Illuminata.


“There is no atom in the universe more blessed then any other. No one has more potential for greatness than anyone else. The ultimate success of your career will not be determined by credentials, backing, or marketing techniques. It will be determined by your ability to access the spiritual gulf stream. Prayer makes that happen. Prayer is our way of signing up with the army of light and receiving its reinforcements on a regular basis. The light is a realm of consciousness rising up around us, altering the dominant mental paradigm of our age. Its function is to replace the energies of selfishness with compassion, and competition with service, that we might cast out fear through the power of love. We pray that our talents and intelligence serve a higher cause then the fulfillment of our self-centered goals. Thus we access the purification process, a recovery from past mistakes that aligns us with integrity and delivers us to excellence.

Our prayer is that our excellence might come forth and serve the world.”