Prayer to Poli’ahu

Oil and Silver Leaf on Panel | 24″ x 30″ | 2015


Original is available for purchase.



Sometimes I carry an image or a vision of a painting around inside me for years before they are actually painted or birthed. I have come to respect this process and have learned that there is a right time to bring a painting to life.

I continue to be inspired by Hawaiian mythology. I have painted an interpretation of Pele in the past and loved working with her fire element. Two years ago I felt called to paint a balance to the fire and had a vision of a snow goddess. I wasn’t even sure if there was a Hawaiian Snow Goddess but I did my research and learned of Poli’ahu who is one of four snow goddesses. From what I have read Poli’ahu is said to live on Mauna Kea and is considered one of the most beautiful of all the goddesses. She is also Pele’s rival.

I began the painting process on the Poli’ahu painting in December of 2014. I was inspired by the winter solstice. In recent months while working on this painting I learned of the issue currently at hand to protect Mauna Kea from having yet another massive telescope constructed on her sacred slopes. I couldn’t help but feel struck in my heart at the timing and the connection to this painting….and that maybe she needed to be remembered and represented now to help inspire those that are fighting for her home. My paintings are my prayers and meditations. I feel she spoke to me now for a reason so here is what came through. This piece is meant to be a prayer to Poli’ahu to keep Mauna Kea and all the sacred Hawaiian summits protected. In the painting she is at peace, honoring the sky, the stars and through her she connects the land to the heavens as a reminder to us of this very delicate yet powerful balance.

To learn more about the protection of Hawaii’s sacred land I found this site very informative.