Sending Margot Love

Soul Portraits

Oil on Canvas | 42″ x 48″ | 2013


This painting is an example of the Memorial Paintings that can be commissioned to honor a loved one.

Margot Uceda Murphy arrived on the planet December 27th 1972. Breast cancer took her life last June at the age of 38. She is deeply missed by her husband, Mike, who commissioned me to paint his beautiful wife. Love transcends death. With deep gratitude I bow to this brave woman.

Mike chose a photograph of Margot from their wedding. Many stories were shared with me that I tried to incorporate into the painting. It was a powerful journey to work with Mike and his family. The final painting will be used as the cover image to a book Mike is writing. Working intimately with clients on this deeply emotional level is what I consider my greatest work as an artist and healer.