Stay Wild

Spirit of Hawaii / Visionary

“Stay Wild”  40″ x 60″ oil on canvas

Original is Sold. Limited Edition Hand Embellished Canvas Prints are available. Please inquire via email.


This painting is a reminder to stay connected to natures cycles in all its raw and wise ways. The waning crescent moon is celebrated with its enchanting, mystical and juicy energy. Honoring the wild and seductive waning moon phase taps us into the sensual and erotic side of a woman’s ancient future memory. It’s a highly intuitive and psychic lunar time when we can surrender to the achy call of the seductress. Here is my interpretation of a modern and universal expression of Hiʻiaka, who was the patron goddess of Hawai’I, hula dancers, chant, sorcery and medicine. Owls were her messengers and were sacred to her. Hiʻiaka lived in a grove of trees where she spent her days dancing with the forest spirits.