Star Dancer by Christina DeHoff

Star Dancer

“Star Dancer”

24″ x 30″ Oil, acrylic and silver leaf on canvas. By Christina DeHoff

Have you ever thought about what the song of a whale might look like?

The song of the humpback is one of the most heart expanding sounds I have experienced. Just one foot under the water you can hear their call in the winter months on Maui. The sound invokes a sense of longing and deep soul communication. It is an other worldly and ethereal song. This painting explores the energy of the whale with the currents of sound and soul. I’m excited about the result.

"Rise" by Christina DeHoff - Visionary Artist in Maui Hawaii



Oil, Acrylic and Metal Leaf on Canvas | 34″ x 44″ | 2018

Original painting is available for purchase. Please contact me directly.


Darkness cannot exist when we shine light into every corner. The recent political shift in this
country gives us the opportunity to look closely at all the troubling places that still exist in
America. We must move through and RISE together.

The inspiration for “Rise” came to me a year ago. Deeply impacted by the presidential election
results, the vision of “Rise” felt like a messenger of hope. She resuscitated my broken heart
with a deep, core expanding, breath of resilience. While painting her I worked through a range
of emotions that took me from fear, shock, anger, grief, questioning, and depression into a
more awakened, hopeful, brave, knowing that much needed change was occurring. I came to
the awareness that I had taken so much for granted about my rights and my life. I was filled
with a new commitment to empowerment and a sense of my own strength.

RISE came to me as a representation of a modern American woman—with the strength of a
warrior, a blend of ethnicities, and an empowered leader of the tribe. She is wearing an
American Flag specifically covering her lower body as protection against our current President
who supports grabbing women “by their pussies.” Her chest is shattered from a grieving,
broken heart but there is healing occurring from a molten strength deep at her core, like Pele’s

She is bare breasted as a statement of brave vulnerability. We live in a country with puritanical
roots. A women’s naked body is not a sexual object to be shamed and hidden. It is the vessel
she lives in and loves from and should feel safe in.

Perched on her right arm is our American symbol of freedom, the Bald Eagle. The light traveling
between them is meant to be their intuitive and divine connection and a passing of ancient
wisdom from the animal spirit realm to the human one.

The tattoos on her left arm are symbols of her mission.
A dove on her shoulder for peace.
The symbol of intersectionality and those who are interconnected through discrimination.
The lotus flower to represent resilience as we emerge from a struggle.
A phoenix representing rebirth and the act of rising out of the darkness and into the light.
The moon symbol honoring the divine feminine.
She is holding a budding olive branch in her hand as an offering of peaceful new beginnings.

Held by a gold crescent divine feminine moon, she stands strong, looking forward into the

My intention is to create paintings that serve as reminders that we as women have a strength
beyond measure, and that we are here to raise one another up in this world. May this painting
serve as a reminder for all of us to draw upon our strengths and RISE.

As Oprah said, “I want all the girls watching here and now to know that a new day is on the
horizon! And when that new day finally dawns, it will be because of a lot of magnificent
women, many of whom are right here in this room tonight, and some pretty phenomenal men,
fighting hard to make sure that they become the leaders who take us to the time when nobody
ever has to say “me too” again.”

The Current of Life

“The Current of Life”

30″ x 30″ Mixed Metal Leaf and Oil on Panel


Original painting is available for purchase.

This painting is about movement. Not staying stagnant. So much of my work is about the process of surrender. There are always more layers in this life to peel back and expose our next level of tender vulnerability. The message of this piece is to surrender to the current of life in gratitude for what you have been given. Waves of golden wind carry the figure into a dance of deep knowing. She is listening deeply to the messages from spirit in the wind that will dance her into a new life.


Oil on Canvas | 24″ x 36″ | 2015


Original is available for purchase.  Please inquire.

I feel inspired by mermaids because to me Mermaids represent FREEDOM. They are independent, adventurous spirits with a deep connection to all aspects of the natural world. I believe mermaids speak to those of us who share these qualities. Feminine and Strong describes this Mermaid. She isn’t just sitting around on a rock combing her hair waiting for a sailor to play with. She is resourceful, independent and in charge of her own destiny. Have confidence and know your own strength.

Prayer to Poli’ahu

Oil and Silver Leaf on Panel | 24″ x 30″ | 2015


Original is available for purchase.



Sometimes I carry an image or a vision of a painting around inside me for years before they are actually painted or birthed. I have come to respect this process and have learned that there is a right time to bring a painting to life.

I continue to be inspired by Hawaiian mythology. I have painted an interpretation of Pele in the past and loved working with her fire element. Two years ago I felt called to paint a balance to the fire and had a vision of a snow goddess. I wasn’t even sure if there was a Hawaiian Snow Goddess but I did my research and learned of Poli’ahu who is one of four snow goddesses. From what I have read Poli’ahu is said to live on Mauna Kea and is considered one of the most beautiful of all the goddesses. She is also Pele’s rival.

I began the painting process on the Poli’ahu painting in December of 2014. I was inspired by the winter solstice. In recent months while working on this painting I learned of the issue currently at hand to protect Mauna Kea from having yet another massive telescope constructed on her sacred slopes. I couldn’t help but feel struck in my heart at the timing and the connection to this painting….and that maybe she needed to be remembered and represented now to help inspire those that are fighting for her home. My paintings are my prayers and meditations. I feel she spoke to me now for a reason so here is what came through. This piece is meant to be a prayer to Poli’ahu to keep Mauna Kea and all the sacred Hawaiian summits protected. In the painting she is at peace, honoring the sky, the stars and through her she connects the land to the heavens as a reminder to us of this very delicate yet powerful balance.

To learn more about the protection of Hawaii’s sacred land I found this site very informative.

The Metamorphosis of Knowing

Oil, Mixed Metal Leaf on Panel | 24″x 30″ | 2016


This original is available for purchase.

This painting is about knowing when it is time to let go. It explores the power of deep listening and our connection to something greater then our selves. It is about the moment when we offer ourselves up to be of service and are met with support from the Beloved. Knowing at our core that we will be guided to new possibilities and new directions in our lives. Knowing that we are not alone and ultimately will continue to choose faith in the Divine over fear in this human experience.


Prayers into the Wind, Autumn Equinox

Oil on Panel | 30″ x 30″ | 2011

Original is available



Autumn energy is about surrender and letting go. To me it is a time that symbolizes the ultimate faith because it is a time of death that leads to rebirth. One cannot begin without an end so it is this faith in the unseen forces of nature that life will return; dormant seeds get planted for the future. Here she is placing prayers and wishes into the milkweed seeds as the wind carries them to fertile ground. A red tailed hawk sits on her shoulder as a guide and symbol of the spirit world being present. Maple leaves turning bright orange cascade around her like fire and on the right a tree has already shed its leaves and looks barren but we know it is only at rest and regenerating for it’s new life.



Oil on Canvas | 30″ x 35″

Original is Available for Purchase

My fairies tend to be an attempt to express that mysterious, deep, sensual, powerful place that lives in each of us but only we know exists. They only show up when it’s safe to reveal themselves. This Fairy is having a sensual experience with the world around her. She is drinking in the smell and color of the delicate blossom kissed by the sunshine while her body is also kissed by the light. This serene oasis she has found allows her to be at complete ease with her self, allowing her to be naked, exposed and opened to a level where her wings even become visible. I am suggesting that there is a place within us that holds such a beauty and when we find that peace within we can be opened to our own winged hearts.