Fire Dance

Oil on Canvas | 30″ x 42″ | 2012


“She is Pele-honou-mea, Pele of the sacred land. She rules the volcanos of Hawai’i and mankind has no power to resist her. When Pele is heard from, her word is the final word.” -Herb Kawainui Kane



Goddess Pele embodies the power to destroy and to create. Reflecting on all that I have created and destroyed in my own life journey I find myself asking guidance from Pele on many an occasion. Fire is an element I no longer fear for it creates great change

Open Heart

Oil on Canvas | 18″ x 24″ | 2011


I live my life with a daily awareness of gratitude. One of many things I appreciate about Hawaiian culture is the expression of giving thanks and offering prayers through the tradition of dance. Facing the island of Lanai a dancer born of Maui opens her heart to the sky and ocean. She wears a tealeaf lei and a yellow hibiscus in her hair. Wisps of light energy and spirit move through her out into the elements of earth, ocean and sky. This painting is an expression of the connection and flow of life energy that exists between us and the world we live in.

Pueo Guardian

Oil on Canvas | 30″ x 36″

Original is Sold

Pueo is the Hawaiian Owl and protector and guardian spirit animal. This painting is meant to communicate the strength and clarity that women hold. She stands strong facing into the sun. Pueo stands guard on her shoulder watching us. The West Maui Mountains and the back side of Iao Valley is the backdrop that surrounds and supports her.